Anarchy (ANA) Smashes Presales, Polygon (MATIC) Down 31% in 30 Days

• Polygon (MATIC) is down 31% in the last month, sparking investor panic.
• Anarchy ($ANA) is a new meme coin with growing potential and a large presale run.
• Investors are considering switching from MATIC to ANA due to its increasing popularity.

Polygon Price Takes A Dive

Polygon (MATIC) had been steadily growing until recently when it started to lose steam and drop by 31% within a month. This sparked investor panic, leading some of them to consider switching from MATIC to Anarchy ($ANA), the new meme coin that has been ablaze in its presale run.

Anarchy Continues To Heat Up

The Anarchy Project was introduced barely a month ago but it has already taken over the scene. Its presales have smashed records and investors around the world are taking notice of this fast-rising coin with great potential.

What Makes Anarchy Stand Out?

Anarchy is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by NFTs and DeFi protocols, making it one of the most innovative projects out there today. It also offers low transaction fees, high liquidity, community governance, interoperability between different blockchains, staking rewards for holders, and more features that make it attractive for investors who are looking for an alternative to Polygon.

Should Investors Make The Switch?

Given its impressive growth so far, many investors are considering jumping on the Anarchy bandwagon as they see great potential in this project. While there’s no guarantee that it will succeed or outperform other coins in the market, its current success does indicate that it could be worth investing in if you’re looking for something new to add to your portfolio.


With vast potential and a blazing presale run, Anarchy ($ANA) has become one of the hottest coins right now and investors around the world are taking note of its impressive growth trajectory. While Polygon (MATIC) continues to sink deeper into losses after its recent price drop, many MATIC holders may want to consider making the switch if they’re looking for something new with higher returns potential – just do your research first!