Be a Market Inventor: Join Mooky Ventures Club and Plant Trees!

• Mooky is the leader of a monkey tribe in Tyneham, who taught the settlers to respect Mother Nature
• Mooky has launched a Defi meme currency token owned by the community and managed by DAO vote
• Mooky Ventures club offers unique NFTs with verifiable connections to trees planted in the real world

Mooky, Leader of Tyneham’s Monkeys

The long-forgotten ghost town of Tyneham was once home to a variety of animals, including monkeys. But when Mother Nature abandoned Tyneham hundreds of years ago, animals began to vanish. In order to survive and protect their future, the primates chose MOOKY as their strong, cunning, and intelligent leader. He taught them about respecting one another and coexisting with other creatures.

Mooky’s Crypto Market Leadership

In 2023, Mooky has become even more popular as he leads the crypto market. His token is owned by the community and managed through a DAO vote system. The presale for his token is currently taking place and it provides low-tax tokens and no slippage requirements when buying or selling on Mooky. For two years, liquidity will also be restricted.

Mooky Ventures Club

The Mooky Ventures Club offers legendary or ultra-rare NFTs which come with verifiable connections to trees planted in real life locations all over the world. By joining this club you can help contribute towards improving our environment by planting more trees.

3D Mooky NFTs

Not only are 3D Mookie NFTs inventive but they are also very useful! Each card contains an individual connection that can be verified against a tree that has been planted somewhere in the world. With these cards you can make your mark on nature whilst owning something truly special at the same time!

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