Bitcoin Surges 30%, Rallying Crypto Market to $1.16 Trillion!

• The Shiba Inu team has launched a new website and visuals, sparking optimism for the SHIB project.
• Bitcoin surged by 30 percent in the last seven days, bringing the entire crypto market to a total of $1.16 trillion in market cap.
• The IOTA Foundation is developing IOTA 2.0, an architecture that aims to improve performance, scalability, security and decentralization of the blockchain.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu team has recently launched a new website featuring updated Shiba Inu metaverse branding. Users can purchase Shiba Inu metaverse lands using a buy system which showcases a map of available lands with only 36,431 lands initially unlocked for purchase in the first phase out of 100,595 lands eventually available in long term. A single-click minting system helps users avoid paying multiple gas fees but they must set up and use a MetaMask wallet to participate in land purchases or bidding. The development team is currently working on correcting a code error involving the Shibarium Beta chain ID which has caused some chaos within the community.


Cardano continues to be one of the most popular projects as its technical developments and partnerships continue to accelerate growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology across different networks. Recently Cardano announced their upcoming launch on Coinbase Pro which will enable more investors from around the world access to ADA tokens and make it easier for them to trade with other cryptocurrencies already available on Coinbase Pro exchange platform such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) etc.. This marks another major step forward for Cardano’s adoption as a leading cryptocurrency network worldwide having already been listed on several other exchanges including Binance, Upbit etc..


The IOTA Foundation is actively working on IOTA 2.0 – an architecture that promises better scalability, security and decentralization compared to existing blockchain networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum today. Dr Bing-Yang Lin – Senior Software Engineer at #IOTA Foundation recently outlined research results focused around robustness testing which was done through various simulations based scenarios around node failures and message transmission patterns between nodes over various periods of time along with other tests like synchronization tests & attack simulations etc.. These results have provided valuable insight into how well IOTA 2.0 will perform under real world stress situations when it launches later this year & also help determine any potential weak points that need further optimization before launch date approaches nearer & nearer each day!

Bitcoin Surge

The collapse of American banking systems has triggered fresh demand for Bitcoin following its 30% surge in price over last 7 days dragging entire crypto market’s value up by reaching total market cap of $1.16 trillion at time press was made! Not only did this surge validate purpose & need for digital asset but also brought lot attention towards wider crypto space resulting in more investments being made into high profile projects like Ethereum or Ripple too!

Ripple Case

Ripple’s case against US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) finally came to end after months long legal battle surrounding whether XRP should be classified as security or not? After much deliberation it was decided that XRP does not fall under securities category although SEC can still take action if any sort manipulation found taking place by Ripple or its affiliates during trading sessions taking place within US jurisdiction! Overall outcome result has been welcomed positively by majority within crypto community due side averting lengthy court proceedings could have caused more harm than good had case gone ahead full throttle!