Data Ownership in Web3: Source Network Joins Chainlink BUILD

• Chainlink announced Source Network’s inclusion in the Chainlink BUILD program.
• Source Network is a Web3 data management layer empowering users with ownership.
• Through the partnership, Source seeks to facilitate the embrace of its decentralized data management framework.

Chainlink Announces Source Network’s Inclusion in the Chainlink BUILD Program

Chainlink has announced that Source Network has been included in its Chainlink BUILD initiative. Source Network is a Web3-compatible data management layer that empowers end users with data ownership. Through this partnership, Source Network seeks to accelerate their ecosystem expansion and enable the adoption of their decentralized data management infrastructure.

Source Network Supports Chainlink Ecosystem and Community

Source Network has continually supported Chainlink by engaging in their groundbreaking ecosystem and community. With increased backing from Chainlink, access to secure off-chain services, and support from the active community, Source Networks‘ recognition is likely to be accelerated more quickly and effectively promote the adoption of their decentralized data management framework.

Overview of Source Networks

Source Networks provides a versatile solution for managing data within decentralized applications. It allows developers to create fully decentralized apps while preserving user privacy and ownership over their data. The company’s mission is to return control of the internet back into the hands of individuals instead of authorities so they can unleash creativity through interconnected devices and networks while ensuring safety with encryption technology.

Benefits of Partnering With ChainLink

By partnering with ChainLink, Source Networks will gain access to top-tier oracle services as well as technical assistance and incentives for crypto-economic security. All these features will help expedite growth for both companies‘ ecosystems as they aim towards further decentralizing web 3 applications.


The collaboration between chain link and source network aims at furthering decentralization on web 3 platforms by providing users with secure off-chain services such as oracles, technical assistance, economic incentives, etc., allowing developers to create more user-centric applications while protecting confidentiality for all users involved .