Plenty Teams Up with Tezos Domains to Launch TED Token: Innovation for Tezos Ecosystem and NFT Market

• Plenty Network and Tezos Domains have recently joined forces to launch the Tezos (TED) token.
• The TED token will help Tezos Domains transition to a DAO governance model, with initial liquidity provided by Plenty Exchange.
• Plenty Exchange will offer increased rewards in the form of TED bribes and pools during the platform launch.

Plenty Teams Up With Tezos Domains

Plenty Network, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker built on the Tezos blockchain has joined forces with Tezos Domains in order to launch the Tezos (TED) tokens.

Purpose of Launch

The launch of the TED token will allow Tezos Domains transition to a DAO governance model. Furthermore, it will provide a solid foundation for trading and exchange on Plenty Exchange.

About Plenty Exchange

Plenty is a DEX and an AMM that offers fast, secure, and cost-effective trading services for digital assets including NFTs. The primary goal is to empower users by offering greater control over their assets through its trading services.

About Tezos Domains

Tezos Domains is a domain registrar and hosting service on the Tezos blockchain which provides decentralized, secure, and censorship-resistant domain names as well as websites for users in the network.

Initial Rewards from Plenty Exchange

During its platform launch, Plenty will offer enhanced rewards in the form of TED bribes and pools for two weeks in order to encourage more trading volume and liquidity on its platform.