VeChain, CIRCUNOW Partner to Create Carbon Disclosure Platform for Sustainable Circularity

• VeChain and CIRCUNOW are partnering to develop a carbon reduction disclosure platform.
• This platform will be focused on promoting sustainable materials and a carbon-neutral economy.
• Products on this platform will have an exclusive blockchain product traceability QR code powered by VeChain technology.

VeChain and CIRCUNOW Join Forces

Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd, the company behind VeCarbon, the VeChainThor public blockchain has inked a collaboration with CIRCUNOW to develop a carbon reduction disclosure platform which focuses on circular cash products previously certified by ESTS. The goal of this partnership is to provide a digital solution that promotes green-friendly actions such as reducing carbon emissions through recycling physical goods.

Purpose of Platform

The main objective of this platform is to promote sustainable materials and a carbon-neutral economy. Recycled products must go through the full lifecycle carbon emission reduction phase before being certified for use on the CIRCUNOW platform. Each recycled product featured here will have its own unique blockchain product traceability QR code powered by VeChain technology which can be used to access information about their certification reports or download related tags/brochures when needed.

Role of ESTS

ESTS is an interdisciplinary innovation platform co-founded in 2021 by Zhihua Duan and Agni TY Lee with the purpose of focusing on circular ecology related to recycled materials and products in the ESG field. Their activities span research, development, manufacturing, business empowerment, recycling & operation of these materials/products as well as conveying them for usage when necessary.

Benefits For Consumers

By leveraging this new Carbon Disclosure Platform from VeChain & CIRCUNOW, consumers are able to purchase recycled goods that have been comprehensively certified for their environmental sustainability while still maintaining high quality standards that are expected from modern products today. This eliminates any doubts or worries over whether they’re doing something good for the environment or not when shopping for products online or offline.


The collaboration between Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd., CIRCUNOW & ESTS provides an innovative way for people to make green decisions when it comes time for them to shop around either online or offline stores. By providing consumers with access to transparently traced Carbon Emission Reduction data via QR codes associated with each product available at these stores – customers can rest assured knowing that they’re making sustainable choices at all times!